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How it began

Our group of friends gathered and shared our online dating experiences. Feeling the collective exhaustion, we wondered, "How did people find love before dating apps?" That's when the idea struck: Let's bring the magic of meeting through friends into the digital era.
Since launching in May 2022, 10,000 people have connected through friends, and 3 couples have even started families!

Let's go back to meeting through friends, just like before swiping took over

You’ve tried dating apps.

It didn't work, right?

Meet Ellie, your digital wingwoman. She's all about rediscovering meeting through friends.

You'll be surprised by the power hidden in your own network.

We know you had enough of Endless SwipingGhosting & matching with Random Strangers 

Ellie will do all the work and send you people through your social circles 

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